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Got a Web Store?


Create your web store quickly and easily - right from your Mailware data!

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Upgrade to Mailware Home Office 3   Upgrade to Mailware Home Office Version 3
We have added new features and upgraded the database from Paradox to DBISAM - a true SQL database.

What's New:

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NEW! Order Import
Import orders from any web store that can create a .csv (text) file. We include a few and you can make your own.


NEW! Batch Processing
Print invoices, packing lists, pick lists and labels, charge credit cards, mark items shipped and more for multiple orders at the same time.

NEW! SQL Database
A brand new database means greater security and reliability. Advanced users can write SQL scripts and everyone can use the new database tools.

NEW! Email Notification
Send invoices, backorder notices, shipping notices and more via email directly from Mailware Home Office.

NEW! Shipping Support
Now supports USPS Click N Ship, Dazzle by Endicia, FedEx and UPS.

NEW! Lots of Extras
We have added new fields and preferences, improved the interface and more.

Upgrade HomeOffice to Mailware

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  Upgrade Home Office to Mailware
Upgrade to Mailware today and start using the additional features instantly. You can process orders in batches, import orders from a web store or other source, add subproducts (items with options) and more.