What's New in Version 3
Mailware Home Office provides all the features you need to run your mail order business. Take and import orders, track customers, print invoices and labels, manage your inventory and more.

All this at an exceptionally low price that is unmatched in the industry!

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NEW! Order Import
Import orders from any web store that can create a .csv (text) file. We include a few and you can make your own.


NEW! Batch Processing
Print invoices, packing lists, pick lists and labels, charge credit cards, mark items shipped and more for multiple orders at the same time.

NEW! SQL Database
A brand new database means greater security and reliability. Advanced users can write SQL scripts and everyone can use the new database tools.

NEW! Email Notification
Send invoices, backorder notices, shipping notices and more via email directly from Mailware Home Office.

NEW! Shipping Support
Now supports USPS Click N Ship, Dazzle by Endicia, FedEx and UPS.

NEW! Lots of Extras
We have added new fields and preferences, improved the interface and more.

When you purchase Mailware Home Office you will receive license files via email so you can unlock the demo and keep working without interruption or reinstallation.
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  Product Info | Screen Shots | Feature List | System Requirements | Compare to Mailware | FAQ  
Screen Shots                                       

  Product Info | Screen Shots | Feature List | System Requirements | Compare to Mailware | FAQ  
Feature List                                      
  • Order Entry
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Advertising Tracking
  • Shipping
  • A Full Report Writer
  • Over 100 pre-built reports
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Card Software
  • and more...

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  Product Info | Screen Shots | Feature List | System Requirements | Compare to Mailware | FAQ  
System Requirements                                

  Publisher: Core Technologies
  Platform: PC
  Item Number: MWHO2

System Requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP
CPU: Any Pentium class processor (Intel PIII 500 MHz or AMD Athlon 500 MHz recommended)
Memory: 64 Meg RAM (128 MB RAM recommended for Windows ME/2000/XP)
CD-ROM: Any speed CD ROM drive for install
Installation: 20 MB of free hard drive space required

Mailware Home Office works with virtually any network including Novell NetWare, Windows, Banyan Vines and LAN Server.


  Product Info | Screen Shots | Feature List | System Requirements | Compare to Mailware | FAQ  
Compare to Mailware                                      

Mailware Home Office includes all the same core features as Mailware (Customers, Orders, Inventory etc.).  The chart below provides a quick listing of their differences. You can also take our online tour of Mailware Home Office to get more details about features and compare screen shots with Mailware.

Please Note: This list is a thorough as possible, but may not be comprehensive as new features are added to our Mailware products regularly.

Mailware Home Office comparison to Mailware Version 2007

Key Features Comparison

 Miscellaneous Features

Mailware Home Office
 Networkable No Limit Up to 3 stations
 Security (access to screens by
 Operator ID)
 Customer Features Mailware Home Office
 Merge/Purge X New in V3
 Product Features Mailware Home Office
 Assemblies (kits) X  
 Subproducts (size, color, etc.) X  
 Email Notification X  
 Quantity Discounts X  
 Vendor Discounts X  
 Multiple Price Levels X  
 RMAs X  
 Gift Certificates X  
 Order  Features Mailware Home Office
 Fulfillment (Process Orders) Automated with multiple options (multiple invoices, backorder override etc.) New in V3
 Order Import X New in V3
 Order Details (messages, terms, hold order etc.) X  
 Mailware 2007 New Features Mailware 2007 Home Office
New Navigation Interface
We've made hundreds of features easier to find - they are all just one click away.
New in 2007  
QuickBooks Export
Export the information you collect in Mailware in QuickBooks format.
New in 2007 Manually enter totals from reports into QB
Multiple Invoices
Now you can have multiple invoices for a single order.
New in 2007  
Intelligent Purchase Order System
We have made major modifications to the existing PO system.
New in 2007  
Multiple Customer Contacts
Add as many contact names to a customer account as you need. Plus we've added new fields, including custom fields.
New in 2007  
 Mailware 2006 New Features Mailware 2006 Home Office
Attachments - Add Pictures, PDF files, Word Documents - any file you wish - to your products.
New in 2006  
Enhanced Grids - Starting with the Orders tab of the Customer screen we have added several new features to allow you to customize your views of detailed data. The new grid allows for sorting, filtering and drill downs (e.g., listing the items associated with an order).
New in 2006  
Contact Logs - The customer contact log has been expanded to the Product, Order and Supplier screens so you can keep logs related to each of those.
New in 2006 Customer Contact Log only
Multi-Vendors - Assign products to multiple suppliers.
New in 2006 Single vendor per product
Flash Main Menu - A new menu system combines the ease of our popular 2005 menu with additional features and a new look. Previous interface options are available from the pulldown, and you can customize your own.
New in 2006 New in V3
Price Override - Item prices on the order screen are automatically locked when you hand enter a new amount. Uncheck the override box to release the lock and allow prices to recalculate.
New in 2006  
Customer Level Pay Method and Terms - Set defaults for customer accounts and they will appear automatically at order entry.
New in 2006 Manually select at order entry
Enhanced Assemblies (Kits) - Now kits can be treated and displayed as a single item. On the order the elements appear in blue (and can be excluded from printed invoices while included on pick lists), and can be deleted as a single unit.
New in 2006 Manually add kit items to each order
Print Tracking - Print invoices and packing lists from any order and Mailware will keep track of the number printed. Avoid accidentally printing duplicates while keeping the option to reprint.
New in 2006  
Unit of Measure - Differentiate the number of units ordered from your vendors vs. sold to your customers. Now you can order "1" item from a supplier and sell it as 24 (i.e., their single "case" equals your 24 individual items). New in 2006  
 Mailware 2005 New Features Mailware 2005 Home Office
Buy #, Get # Free New in 2005  
Product Discontinued Flag New in 2005  
Backorder Allow Option New in 2005  
Product Substitutions New in 2005  
Multiple Product Locations (Warehouses, Bins etc.) New in 2005 1 location per product
Product Location Priority New in 2005  
Supplier Product # New in 2005  
Supplier Description New in 2005  
Supplier Price New in 2005  
Duty Percent New in 2005  
Preferred Currency New in 2005 1 currency stored in format 0.00 (may be used for any country)
Tarriff Code New in 2005  
Royalty Flag New in 2005  
Max Ship Items New in 2005  
Product Preferred Ship Method New in 2005  
Backorder Message New in 2005  
Gift Certificate System New in 2005  
Vehicle Title and Serial Number System New in 2005  
Preference to require City name and Zip/Postal Code when adding customers New in 2005  
Customer PIN # and Hint New in 2005  
Customer Date of Birth New in 2005  
Customer Credit Balance New in 2005  
New Customer Fields: Middle Initial, Title and Mobile Phone # New in 2005  
USPS Click-N-Ship Support New in 2005 New in V3
Dazzle Support New in 2005 New in V3
UPS Support X X
FedEx Support X X
Automatic calculation of Shipping Insurance New in 2005  
Minimum Order Amount Preference New in 2005  
Automatic Discounts based on Order amount New in 2005  
Automatic Send Catalog option New in 2005 Can specify to send a catalog using the Contact Log or as an order
Override Security Logging New in 2005  
Set your own Customer Search Tab Order New in 2005 New in V3
Set your own Order Search Tab Order New in 2005 New in V3
Weight in Grams New in 2005  
Average Cost New in 2005 Uses Standard Cost only
Close PO Checkbox New in 2005  
Longer PO Message Field New in 2005  
Sale Date Pricing New in 2005  
Expanded Supplier Address Fields New in 2005  
Return Reasons w/ Return to Stock Option New in 2005 Manually adjust stock if item not returned to inventory
Adjust Inventory Reasons w/ Return to Stock Option New in 2005 New in V3
Auto Payment Approval Option New in 2005  
Source Key Lookup at Order Entry New in 2005 Keys are in a pulldown (vs. a Search dialog)
Source Key Ship Charge New in 2005  
Source Key Order Message New in 2005  
Source Key Stationery Code New in 2005  
Shipping Phone Number for each order New in 2005 New in V3
Shipping Email Address for each order New in 2005 New in V3
Enter Shipping Instructions on each order New in 2005 New in V3

Pricing by Source Code including:

         Quantity Discounts

         Discount Amount

         Discount %

         Discount Price

         Add Free Gift

         First # Customers

         Order by date

New in 2005  

New Payment Methods

         Direct Deposit

         Money Order

         Customer Balance

New in 2005 New in V3
Selectable Credit Card History New in 2005 New in V3
Customer flags (e.g., Bad Credit) pop up warnings during order entry New in 2005 New in V3
Order amount limit prompts operator for Management Override (prevents orders over an amount you specify in Security). New in 2005  
Adjust Inventory Reason Codes New in 2005  
Batch Entry for Contact Log  New in 2005  
User-Definable Customer Contact Actions New in 2005 New in V3
Client/Server Option New in 2005  
New SQL Database New in 2005 New in V3
Database Toolset New in 2005 New in V3
Query Editor Tool with easy-to-use interface for writing your own SQL queries New in 2005 New in V3
Streamlined Interface with standard Windows toolbars on each screen New in 2005 New in V3
Larger screens that expand or maximize to fit your screen resolution. New in 2005 New in V3
 Price $2,299 - 1st License
$   895 - each add'l  
$499 each



  Product Info | Screen Shots | Feature List | System Requirements | Compare to Mailware | FAQ  
Frequently Asked Questions                                
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Mailware Home Office. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Following is a list of frequently asked questions.


What is Mailware Home Office?


Mailware Home Office is a suite of tools designed specifically for home based and small office mail order companies. It includes:

  • Order Entry and Order Import
  • Fulfillment
  • Inventory
  • Advertising Tracking
  • Customer and List Management
  • Profit Analysis
  • A full Report Writer
  • over 100 pre-built, editable reports



Can Mailware Home Office be used on a Network?


Yes. A single copy of Mailware Home Office can be installed on as many computers as you wish in your Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT or 2000 network. You may simultaneously run as many copies of Mailware Home Office as you purchased (up to 5).



What programming language was used to write Mailware Home Office?


Mailware Home Office is written with Delphi - an advanced application development language from Borland. We consider Delphi the best development tool available, and the software development community has repeatedly reviewed Delphi very favorably.



Can I access the Mailware Home Office database directly?


The Mailware Home Office database is ODBC compliant, completely open, and can be accessed by most database programs (e.g., Access) as well as the included report writer.



Can I import my data from other programs?


Yes. Mailware Home Office includes an Import Wizard for importing orders from any program or web store that can export its data in .csv (text) format. Other database tables are accessible as well using SQL or the included database tools. If you need help we can often import your data for you.



Can Mailware Home Office data be exported?


Yes. The included report writer can be used to export any of your data. Just run any report and choose File>Export from the menu. Mailware Home Office includes over 100 pre-built reports including many specifically designed to double as export reports (e.g., FedEx, UPS and several credit card processing reports). You can also create your own reports to export.



Does Mailware Home Office support credit card processing software?


Yes. At this time X-Charge, PC Authorize, IC Verify, Authorize Net and PC Charge are fully supported by Mailware Home Office. Export support for PC Authorize and Personal Ticket Capture is also supported. (Note: For fully supported software, Mailware Home Office adds an Authorize button to the order screen. Simply input the customer's credit card information then click the button. An approval code and paid amount are automatically retrieved and entered into Mailware Home Office.)

Credit card software currently integrated:  

  • PC Charge (single station or network) www.pccharge.com
  • Authorize Net (single station or network) www.authorizenet.com Using xAuthorize communication software www.xauthorize.com/software
  • IC Verify (single station or network but not recommended) www.icverify.com
  • X-Charge - Included Free with Mailware Home Office

    Export Utilities included in the Report Writer:  PC Authorize, Personal Ticket Capture, ICVerify



Are there any limits on the amount of data I can store in Mailware Home Office?


No. Mailware Home Office does not impose any artificial limits on number of customers, products, orders etc. As with any database program there are theoretical limits (in the millions), and you will need sufficient hard disk space. Mailware occupies approximately 20 meg when first installed, and uses an additional meg for every 1,000 or so customers you add.



Is Mailware Home Office fast?


Yes. Mailware Home Office is cutting edge software, and is considerably faster than its competitors. It will run on any Pentium PC. The average search time for a customer is less than 5 seconds over a network no matter how large your database.



Can I search for customers by multiple fields?


Yes. The search feature supports searching by:

  • Customer Name
  • Company Name
  • Customer Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Email
  • Phone numbers
  • and, any combination of the above

Mailware Home Office also includes a filter feature that includes additional fields and options.



Does Mailware Home Office support drop ship inventory items?


Yes. Any item can be marked as a drop ship item. Separate reports can be printed based on this field (so, for example, you can run report R5320 to create purchase orders for drop ship items you sold). You can also specify that you do not stock these items so backorders will not be generated automatically.



Does  Mailware Home Office work with UPS Worldship or FedEx software?


Yes. Mailware Home Office can exchange data with each of these software packages directly. You can enter or import your orders into Mailware Home Office then ship through UPS or FedEx software. Information such as shipment type (overnight, ground etc.), weight, shipping address etc. are entered and passed on to the other software package when you ship.  


Q: Do I need to buy anything else?



No. Mailware Home Office is complete. However, you may want to use it with the following optional software:
  • QuickBooks - for Accounting
  • Credit Card Software - as described above, Mailware Home Office supports automatic credit card approval through the listed, supported packages
  • UPS Worldship - A free shipping program UPS includes when you open an account

Because Mailware Home Office can export .csv (text) files you can use it with many other programs including Microsoft Office and Email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora.